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Thoughts from last night’s game and the future

3 quick thoughts from last night’s game:

– Dice K needs to be traded or released. Immediately. Last night was the definitive proof that he can’t make it in the American League East. Does he have the talent to be a major league pitcher? Yes. Last year he almost no-hit the Phillies, so the stuff is there. But he isn’t made for the pressure of Boston. Maybe he’d be suited better to Seattle if the Sox can eat at least half of his salary. Please check out the article by Peter Abraham today for better articulated thoughts: http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/redsox/extras/extra_bases/2011/04/the_time_has_co.html?p1=News_links

-Curt Young needs to go. The new pitching coach must be fired at some point soon if this terrible pitching continues. Ultimately he is responsible for the pre-game preparations, including gameplanning a pitching strategy. He’s failing.

-Catching sucks. The catching is terrible. I’m beginning to wish the Sox signed a Molina.


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Is this serious?

0-5. I do not fault Dice K. He pitches the only way he knows how: frustratingly. His last 3 innings tonight were actually surprisingly tolerable when compared with his first 2.

As good as the bullpen looked last night, they looked the exact opposite of that tonight. I honestly think I could have been a more serviceable pitcher than Dennys Reyes. 3 batters: 2 HBP and one 4 pitch walk. His “effort” tonight really shows how far Okajima had to fall to end up in AAA. I wonder if Felix Doubront would have been the go to lefty this season if he hadn’t hurt his arm during spring training. He certainly was good at the end of last season.

At first I didn’t want to blame Dan Wheeler for how the rest of the inning shook out. As I scrutinized him more closely, he was missing where ‘Tek was set up. He allowed all of the runners to score that Reyes put on base plus one more on the home run he gave up. Ridiculous.

I know it is way too early to call for anyone to be fired, but the performance of the pitching staff so far has planted the seed in my brain that pitching coach Curt Young won’t make it until June if this keeps up.

Let’s hear your thoughts and frustrations.


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