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Bruins win! but sox lose

GOODBYE HABS. Enjoy your offseason poutine. Such is life… bitches! I had been holding my breath for 3 hours watching the Bruins game, but during commercial breaks I saw enough of the Sox game to wonder what is going on with them

Too many defensive breakdowns tonight led to unnecessary pitches by Beckett which turned into 3 runs. Unacceptable. In little league they teach outfielders how to call off the infielder. It’s not hard, you just scream “I GOT IT.” Bucholz was shaky last night giving up 3 runs on 12, yes 12, hits. Beckett wasn’t much better tonight.

The offense continues to be plagued stranding runners in scoring position. This must stop. On a brighter side, Francona essentially announced Jed Lowrie as the Sox starting shortstop, replacing the ineffective Marco Scutaro.

Read about it here:

Good for Lowrie, the kid has been through a lot of injuries with wrist problems, mono last season and getting stuck behind subpar and overpaid fielders. Let’s see what the kid can do!

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Old friend Carl Everett arrested

Former Red Sox centerfielder and umpire-headbutting extraordinaire Carl Everett has been arrested in Lutz, Florida for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by putting a handgun to his wife’s head. He seems to have a head fetish. He’s also been charged with tampering with a witness. Glad to see retirement has been treating Carl well. Stay in jail Carl.

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Oh what a night

Welcome to the Easter edition of The Baseball Buffoons.

While many of us (myself included) were glued to the 2 OT Bruins game last night (CA-REEEY, CA-REEEY), the Red Sox continued their impressive turnaround. I watched enough of the Sox game during the Bruins intermission’s to see that they were doing well, but it wasn’t until about the 5th inning that I could give them my full attention.

After calling for Dice-K to be traded 2 weeks ago, I’ve been shocked with how he’s pitched. In his last 2 starts, that’s the number of hits he’s allowed: 2. His breaking stuff has been excellent and he’s consistently locating his fastball.

Crawford is showing signs of breaking out of his beginning of the season funk, going 2 for 4 last night with an RBI. Let’s hope this continues.

The area that I’m most concerned with now is catching. Have the Sox lost confidence in Saltalamacchia? It seems that way because Varitek has been catching a lot more games than an over-the-hill backup catcher normally would/should. Varitek’s offense is anemic, but the Sox seem more than willing to let that go as long as the pitching staff is doing better. And they have been since he’s been catching more. This is certainly an area to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

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Adrian Gonzalez contract

Numerous news outlets are reporting that the Red Sox and Adrian Gonzalez agreed to a 7 year, $154 million contract. That’s $22 million per season. I think this is a good deal, and given that he still has tremendous upside offensively and is excellent defensively. He’s been one of the bright spots offensively and his defense so far has been solid. Hopefully he can follow through and live up to this contract. I think he can and will. In other news, Red Sox- Blue Jays tonight with the boys of summer looking to get back on track.

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If you’re looking for baseball analysis from me (Lee) tonight, you won’t find any. I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is…. MORE BRUINS! Not more cowbell, as is usually the case.

Beat those french-canadian bastards

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Lefty battle!

Tonight finds the Sox and Rays throwing arguably their best pitchers: Jon Lester and David Price. They seem to be cut from a similar mold: both lefties with overpowering fastballs and excellent off-speed pitches.

As a sox fan, I appreciate the talents of David Price, but I will never forget that he is the reason the Sox didn’t go to the World Series in 2008 (if you’ll remember, he stonewalled the Sox in Game 7 of the 2008 ALCS). The Red Sox will need to bring it tonight if they want to be successful against him.

Jon Lester looks to build momentum against a Rays team that was unstoppable offensively last night. If the Sox are to start digging their way out of this 2-8 start to the season, it falls on Lester to begin the process.

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Thoughts from last night’s game and the future

3 quick thoughts from last night’s game:

– Dice K needs to be traded or released. Immediately. Last night was the definitive proof that he can’t make it in the American League East. Does he have the talent to be a major league pitcher? Yes. Last year he almost no-hit the Phillies, so the stuff is there. But he isn’t made for the pressure of Boston. Maybe he’d be suited better to Seattle if the Sox can eat at least half of his salary. Please check out the article by Peter Abraham today for better articulated thoughts:

-Curt Young needs to go. The new pitching coach must be fired at some point soon if this terrible pitching continues. Ultimately he is responsible for the pre-game preparations, including gameplanning a pitching strategy. He’s failing.

-Catching sucks. The catching is terrible. I’m beginning to wish the Sox signed a Molina.

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